Oracle Fusion Cloud’s Customer Data Integration Provides Unified View to Service Agents
by Shelly Kramer | May 12, 2022

The News: Oracle has integrated Oracle Unity customer data into its Oracle Service application as part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience. The update will help customer service agents gain a unified view of the customer to provide better engagements. Read Oracle’s Press Release here.

Oracle Fusion Cloud’s Customer Data Integration Provides Unified View to Service Agents

Analyst Take: Customer service is a consistently troublesome aspect of CX, but Oracle Fusion Cloud’s integration of customer data from Oracle Unity CDP will now provide a complete customer view to service agents. Too many service agents have been forced to rely on patchwork systems to hunt for the data they need to solve customer’s problems effectively and efficiently. By leveraging Oracle Unity data within its Oracle Service platform, Oracle Fusion Cloud CX promises to empower agents to provide a better customer service experience.

As enterprises endeavor to improve their customer experience and engagement, customer service is a vital differentiator — but many consumers have been alienated by bad experiences and dread interacting with customer service agents. Oracle Fusion Cloud hopes to reverse the trend by using artificial intelligence to help agents and organizations deliver personalized, informed, and efficient service engagements. This recent innovation from Oracle is currently available to Oracle Service customers.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Combines Strengths of Unity and Service Platforms

Oracle Fusion Cloud’s integration of Oracle Unity data into Oracle Service enables significant new functionalities, including the ability to route agents to specific customers based on customer history, loyalty, or product interest, personalizing the agent-customer connection to encourage better experiences. By providing a unified view of the customer through CDP data, it also allows agents to access relevant insights quickly and spend time engaging with customers instead of searching for their information. In addition, Oracle Fusion Cloud will empower service agents to provide product recommendations based on a customer’s history as well as easily add them to targeted follow-up marketing campaigns that align with their purchases and interests.

Oracle Fusion Cloud is a promising solution to the dilemmas posed by customer engagement and service experiences. Providing customer service agents with a unified view of the customers they serve opens the door to much more satisfying experiences for both agents and customers. Service agents perform a vital but often thankless (or worse) function for companies – I’m glad to see Oracle Fusion Cloud empowering them with the tools they need to work effectively and efficiently.

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