The Pulse of Storage and Compute Consumption in 2020

As organizations continue to transform, we can expect to continue to see significant changes in the way they consume IT and store data. As the ability to adapt and scale is paramount today, many organizations are focused on finding more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective options for both data storage and IT consumption. As a result, on-premises computing and storage, with the help of the hybrid cloud, is becoming increasingly popular.

In 2019, we partnered with HPE to better understand how organizations were leveraging various storage methods for their current and anticipated needs. The results of this effort were highlighted in The Power of Consumption-based On-premises Services in Meeting Dynamic Storage Demands, published in July 2019.

A year later, amid unprecedented changes and market disruptions facing organizations across the globe, we again partnered with HPE to capture the pulse of the market today. The Pulse of Storage and Compute Consumption in 2020 details our findings informed by the opinions of business and technology leaders from North America and Europe.  

In this report you’ll learn:

  • How storage and compute are procured
  • The flexible pay-per-use consumption models that are still emerging
  • The critical applications that are driving storage and compute growth
  • An understanding of how businesses over-provision when planning storage and compute consumption
  • Which workloads are impacted by insufficient compute requirements
  • The financial impact of insufficient storage and compute resources, including the cost to acquire more storage and the estimated business disruptions cost

Understanding where the market is today can help organizations craft storage and compute strategies for the future that will help aid in the growth and transformation of their business. If you are responsible for storage and compute in your organization or if you’re interested in learning more about how other organizations deal with their storage and compute needs, then download your copy of The Pulse of Storage and Compute Consumption in 2020, today.

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