Consuming Your Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud

Research shows that organizations overwhelmingly prefer a hybrid cloud model to better meet the needs of their apps and data. But designing and implementing a hybrid cloud is no simple matter.

Join Daniel Newman, founder of Futurum Research, and Robert Christiansen, VP Cloud Strategist for HPE, as they present original research on hybrid cloud trends and strategies, and provide helpful tips to drive your right mix of hybrid cloud.

Robert Christiansen, VP Cloud Strategist, HPE, is a cloud technology leader, motivator, speaker, and innovator. He is a contributing writer for CIO magazine, is the Editor in Chief for The Doppler (the leader in cloud thought leadership) and the host of the popular Motive For Life Podcast.

During this 45 minute session, we’ll explore:

  • Original research from Futurum
  • Top considerations for implementing your hybrid cloud
  • ‘In the trenches’ customer stories
  • How to get a consumption-based experience across your entire hybrid cloud

Listen on demand here.