Beyond the Hype: 5 Things to Ensure Success with IoT Implementation

Everyone hears stories of the advantages the IoT can deliver, and equally as popular are the horror stories associated with IoT implementations. The good news is that, although issues still remain, for many companies the promise has become a fruitful reality. Regardless of where you are in your IoT journey, there are five top keys to success to consider before developing or extending your IoT footprint.

On September 27, 2018 at 9 am PST/12 pm EST please join Christian Renaud from 451 Research and Fred McClimans from Futurum Research as they discuss the top success factors for IoT projects in the first of three webinars brought to you by HPE and Intel.

Beyond the Hype: 5 Things to Ensure IoT Success is a webinar developed based on the lessons learned from roundtable discussions with 30 CxOs and supported by research findings. We’ll take a deep dive into the following:

  1. IoT starts with you (and your organization). It takes a village to get IoT done right. Here’s insight on how to figure out who should be integral to IoT project teams.
  2. Along the path to implementation, you’ll need a few new friends. IoT projects rely upon expertise in many disciplines, often augmented by partners outside the organization. Here’s what you should you look for in partner.
  3. Security is the most common concern for all involved with IoT adoption and implementation— or at least should be. Is it getting better or worse? Or, are we just beginning to understand IoT Security? How do we ensure we keep our company, our data, and our customer data safe?
  4. Visibility is a great thing, as we can more fully understand our organization, processes, and operations. Are there unintended or unforeseen consequences associated with having better visibility?
  5. Analytics powers IoT. Will AI be the silver bullet? Is it possible to simplify infrastructure by analyzing everything in the cloud?

As Christian punctuates this list with inspiration from a Cowboy Western-Inspired assessment of today’s IoT landscape, we might just call it ‘The Best, Worst, and Not-So-Aesthetically Pleasing Parts of IoT.’ No matter what we call it, we hope you’ll join us for this first in the webinar series, and you’re sure to walk away with a more complete understanding of how to successfully adopt and implement the IoT within your organization.