The Six Five Summit 2021 Kick-off
by Daniel Newman | June 21, 2021

The Six Five team discusses the Six Five Summit and what we can expect from it.

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Patrick Moorhead: Daniel, let’s move to the last topic. And our favorite topic is always ourself, and we have an incredible Six Five Summit 2021 coming. And it starts Monday. Monday is fun day. We have over 50 speakers. We have over 16 CEOs, 20 CXOs, five days, and we are covering cloud infrastructure. We’re covering Enterprise apps and collaboration. We’re covering 5G, IOT, and edge compute. We are covering semiconductors and devices. And then day five is all about big data, AI and ML. And boy, I love our speakers. Even though I got, rolled in last night, 1:00 AM, did the last recording of the session, I am still so excited.

Daniel Newman: Listen, we deserve to take a moment, do a quick victory lap. But what we really want to make sure is that all of you out there, we know the people that listen to this podcast are technophiles, they’re market makers, they’re policy people. And of course they’re industry tech companies, many of which we advise and work with. First of all, you know, what a great community. Thank you all, all that have passed it along, promoted it. We’ve really been working our butts off, Pat, you and I have done over 50 sessions, interviews. I concluded my last one yesterday, I believe you concluded it today.

Now this is months of hard work here, and we really do this for you. We do this for the community, because the opportunity to sit down over the course of a week, and then on demand, hear from CEOs of the world’s largest device makers, semiconductor companies, largest industrial companies, cloud providers, Pat, big data analytics firms, disruptors across semiconductors software. This is the opportunity to hear, and we really do what most media doesn’t have the time to do. These aren’t three minute segments filled into a 30 minute show. We’re spending 20 or 30 minutes getting under the hood with these folks, asking real questions. In some cases, tough questions to better understand these businesses. But what we really hope in the end is that you tune in, you pass it along, you consume the content, and then you give us feedback.

And in the end, Pat, this was a labor of love. We love to be in front of all of you talking about the most comprehensive, complex, and interesting trends across tech and innovation. And like I said, I just wanted to take a breath. Thank you, The Six Five community, 80 plus episodes now, dozens of interviews, more to come. And by the way, Pat, just to kind of tease it, more innovation from Six Five in the future. So we’re just getting started out there, but Go there, register, it’s all free. It’s on us. Just show up, listen, learn and enjoy. I can’t wait to see you next week.

Patrick Moorhead: Daniel, it’s a great way to end the show. And I’m super excited too. And it doesn’t take me drinking nitro coffee to get excited, but I am super excited and it does help. And you and I both, you’re going to see our Twitter feeds full of content next week. We’re doing a live Q&A at the end of the day with a couple of special guests. So please tune in, go to

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