The Lattice Semiconductor CertusPro-NX Launch Event
by Daniel Newman | July 8, 2021

The Six Five team goes over the Lattice CertusPro-NX Launch event.

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Patrick Moorhead: Lattice introduced new FPGA’s for the Edge. Lattice is the number one unit market share leader for FPGAs and as we know, heterogeneous computing is getting super sexy. It’s just not all about CPU’s anymore. And we are moving to CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and ASICs. But, let’s dive in here.

With that said they brought out a new version, a pro version that is for their general purpose. And what general purpose essentially means is they have some more fixed for purpose FPGAs with some of their software kits, but this is really a double click into that next generation here. And what I especially appreciated about this was drilling into and GEM and ESOM providing a lot more detail on the competition. And essentially what they showed is that versus the Xilinx Artix-7 and the Intel Cyclone V 5GT, the NX Pro or the Pro NX was 2X more bandwidth, 4X lower power on 5 gig networking, and then up to 4X lower power on 10 gigabit networking.

And, which you never see is we actually had a demo of the power savings at all. And then finally, adding more insult to injury, Lattice showed that the CertusPro-NX basically a fact, which had 65% more memory, which improves capability, programmability, and less reason to go to real memory. So, I know that’s a mouthful, but I think that Lattice is doing what it can to exemplify their ownership of the lowest power segment. And I think it bodes well. And although this isn’t their mid-range product that we’re all looking forward to, I think that this is a good sign.

Daniel Newman: Yeah. I think I can just touch quickly here. The leadership of this company is very focused, very disciplined, understands its market, understands how to grow. Isn’t trying to get over its skis and it’s going to be rewarded for that as the demand for silicon continues whether it’s the sidecar to these bigger general purpose CPUs that we spend a lot of time talking about. Or, some of these customized, these programmable assets that are required in spaces like automotive and 5g data center. That first chip that gets hit when you boot up that server, Lattice may just be there. And so I’m looking at the way this company continues to develop. It’s targeting a $6 billion TAM. It’s not chasing the 300 billion. And the market needs companies like this. Disciplined. Focused. Executing. That’s what it’s showing. That’s just another piece of the puzzle that’s being solved by this launch. So congratulations and yeah, let’s just keep rolling forward here.

Patrick Moorhead: Yeah. Final thing I liked about this a lot. Very rarely do you get any insight into some of these chip companies’ customers. But some of the ones that impressed me the most, because I didn’t know they were customers, were Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft and Samsung. That’s pretty much a who’s who of that and they showed 20 other customers on there, but appreciate all the information here.

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