Making Markets EP 20: Quick Take with Honeywell on The Role of Data-Driven Building Tech as we Return to the Office
by Daniel Newman | January 12, 2022

In this Making Markets quick take, host Daniel Newman talks with Honeywell CEO Darius Adamczyk about the role that data-driven building technologies play in creating safe and healthy environments as we return to the office.

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Daniel Newman: From a Honeywell perspective, you have a very significant building technologies play. You’ve partnered with some of the world’s largest IT firms to really bring the IT/OT story together. As we do return to the office with this endemic disease that has continued to start-stop, you would say, the reopening of things, like this beautiful headquarters that we’re sitting in right now. I have to imagine so many customers that you’re either indirectly, or directly interfacing, are thinking about exactly that Darius.

We’re thinking about, “Okay, we want to bring it back. We want to bring it back safely, but we want to use data driven, technologically advanced, offerings to be able to tell our employees and those that are governing, that we’re thinking about this, we’re thinking about the quality of the air. We’re not just re-opening our doors, but we’re going to make it safe. We’re going to make people comfortable. We’re going to make stadiums, we’re going to fill them up and keep people safe. We’re going to keep the malls full with people spending money, but not catching disease.” I mean, your technology really, is underpinning this.

Darius Adamczyk: Absolutely. And the key is to not just have the technology. I mean, we’re in our new headquarters. We have all our latest and greatest technologies, including air treatment technology, with ultraviolet light, which really removes a lot of the pathogens out of the air. But, the key there, is something else, is making the occupants aware of what is going on in their environment? What’s the air quality? What’s the temperature? What’s the social distance? We bought another company called Sine, right around this time, a year ago. Which actually provides mobile applications, which are really designed for the occupant. And provide things like air quality, social distancing, all these notices and all of our employees here at the headquarters, actually have that on their phone, so they can look up in real time, what’s going on in their environment? What’s the air quality? What’s the PPM measurement? And we think that, that’s going to become really critically important, as people start to return to normal activities. That awareness about, “Well, how safe is this environment?” Is not going to go away for a while.

Daniel Newman: Looks a little bit like, when you’re walking around, I think it’s New York, and you see the grade outside of every restaurant and you get a grade. We’re going to digitalize that, it’s going to be on your phone, or on your device. And it’s going to tell you, “Is my environment, that I’m entering-”

Darius Adamczyk: Safe.

Daniel Newman: “Safe?” And I think that’s a huge opportunity. Sine, by the way, had a chance to use it this morning, checking in.

Darius Adamczyk: Terrific.

Daniel Newman: I did enjoy that experience. It worked seamlessly. And so, again, a lot of the technological innovation, or investments, both inorganic and organic, sometimes I think it’s missed. And when I started making markets, a big part of my storyline, was just that there’s so much more to these companies, than the soundbites that end up in most of the business tech media, or the business media.

And I’m like, “I want to get a layer deeper.”

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