Pure Storage Earnings
by Daniel Newman | September 7, 2022

The Six Five team takes a look at the recent Pure Storage earnings report.

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Patrick Moorhead: Hey, let’s move to the next. Let’s move this on.

Daniel Newman: Yeah. Super fast.

Patrick Moorhead: Pure rip it. Go

Daniel Newman: All right Pat. Well, you hit it on the head. That was the whole thing. 26% year on year growth, huge growth in customers. Their NPS story is world class, top 1% of companies in the marketplace. They’re seeing revenue growth. I’m sorry. Their guidance’s at 26%, their revenue growth at 30%, the subscription had over 30%. I don’t know what anyone’s talking about with the recession, but Pure Storage is absolutely rocking and rolling and their customers love using the technology. I know we’re on a really short period of time, so I’m going to just make one more comment and I’m going to pass it back to you, but this company is growing like hyper. It’s growing at the speed of Google Cloud, it’s growing at the speed of Azure, it’s growing at the speed of, twice as fast as Salesforce. It is an impressive growth rate right now for a company in boring, old storage, and so maybe storage is for boring when you put a new innovative spin on it. Great job Pure Storage, sorry we couldn’t talk more about it, but Pat has to go.

Patrick Moorhead: Pure, they saved the best infrastructure result for last. The 30% growth rates are cloud growth rates, which is obscene and amazing, and I loved what they put in there. As everybody’s talking about backlogs and lead times, normal lead times, that was a thumb to the nose of the NetApps and the Dells of the world.

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