Making Markets EP18: Quick Take on Why Retail Should Fall in Love with Qualcomm
by Daniel Newman | December 15, 2021

In this Making Markets quick take, host Daniel Newman asks Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon why the retail industry should fall in love with Qualcomm. Cristiano’s answer explores the multiple transformations happening in retail and other industries. He goes on to emphasize that Qualcomm has one of the vastest portfolios of technology and R&D, they’re doing what is difficult, and they’re going to be everywhere.

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Daniel Newman: I always like to ask a question that provides the guests to this show, an opportunity to communicate with the markets. I say, one of the reasons I started Making Markets was all about having a format that talks to what the business media tends to miss. What the short, punchy three minute interviews don’t get to.

And in this case, in my researching Qualcomm, you’re very well supported by the institutions. They seem to understand very well that if you’re interested in mobile and 5G, and some of these emerging trends that we just talked about, that Qualcomm is one of the names you want to be behind. We’ve talked a little bit throughout the show of about the retail investor though. And that seemingly has picked up, but the affinity that some companies and some of the support that they’ve been able to get by having that massive wave of retail support and retail excitement, you seem to be in all the right areas. Why should retail really fall in love with Qualcomm?

Cristiano Amon: Look, they absolutely should. I think, well, besides how I think about it, I am biased. I think we’re an incredible investment opportunity, if you look at the number of end markets that we have right now. But the most important is, if you look off the multiple transformation that is happening in the industry, whether you now work from anywhere, you have the enterprise. The enterprise transformation, your home becomes the office. You look at how you go back to the workplace and you are going to be doing collaboration in video, all of this. The laptop that you’re going to need is not the existing one. It’s going to be the next generation laptop, and that’s what Qualcomm’s going to do. If you buy that the metaverse is going to be something big, and you are going to overlay your digital world to our physical world.

You’re going to have a digital twin. You’re going to need a device, and that’s what we are. We are the ticket to the metaverse, because you’re going to need a Qualcomm device to do that. Your phone will continue to evolve with 5G. With higher speeds, we talk about 3.5 gigabit up link. Nobody ever thought was possible to do this with cellular. You’re going to need Qualcomm to do that. So at the end of the day, we’re probably one of the companies in the tech that has one of the vastest portfolio of technology and R&D. We’re doing what is difficult, and Qualcomm’s going to be everywhere.

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