Countdown to GroqDay
by Daniel Newman | November 30, 2021

In this short episode of the Futurum Tech Webcast, I sit down with Adam Tachner, Vice President Corporate Development & Chief Legal Officer at Groq to get a sneak peek at GroqDay including why it’s going to be an exciting day for everybody that loves tech, AI, semiconductors, and what attendees can expect to walk away with.

There is lots to come during GroqDay 2021 and it’s sure to be a great event. If you are interested in attending, register here.

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Daniel Newman: Hey everybody. I’m here with Adam Tachner with Groq. Adam, next week is your big GroqDay. And just wanted to take a minute, jump on video with you talking to the social communities, and share a little bit about why GroqDay is going to be an exciting day for everybody that loves tech, AI, semiconductors, and more.

Adam Tachner: Thanks so much. Yeah, we’re really excited about GroqDay. It’s an opportunity for us to really relaunch to the world. We first brought our technology out of stealth mode about two years ago, and now we’ve had an opportunity to really work with customers, with development partners, with software and model developers. And we get this great opportunity to show off the developer velocity, the ease with which people can use our compiler to both predict and then actually deliver on incredible performance to show off the low latency of our capabilities, to show off the ability to scale up. It’s a really exciting time inside the company. We’ve grown the team tremendously, and these guys have been busy. And it’s really a great chance to just show off everything that’s been going on at Groq.

Daniel Newman: Absolutely. As someone who works closely with and advises the company, full disclosure, I’ve been really fascinated to watch the development, Adam that you and the team have continued to push forward. Recent announcements with Argon, very exciting work around acceleration. I’m sure everybody’s going to hear about that and so much more. Check out the tweet here, check out the links. If you’re on LinkedIn, check out the link below. Go ahead. Register, sign up. I promise you it will be a fascinating day. Adam, thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with me.

Adam Tachner: Absolutely. See you guys at GroqDay.



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