A Sneak Preview of PegaWorld iNspire 2021
by Shelly Kramer | April 29, 2021

In this short video, I’m joined by Pegasystems Jeff Nicholson to discuss why now is the time to adopt the right technology for your customer experience needs. Jeff also gives us an inside look at Pega’s upcoming virtual event PegaWorld iNspire which will take place on May 4, 2021.

Watch the clip:

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Jeff Nicholson: I think what we’re going to see, Shelly, is that similar to what we’ve seen in other areas, experiences that we see in even industry is different from ours are going to affect our industry.

Shelly Kramer: Absolutely.

Jeff Nicholson: Right. No larger way than right here in customer service.

Shelly Kramer: Well, I think people are… The more we get accustomed as customers to having great experiences, the less interested we are in modeling through crappy experiences. You really need to see as the message here, the takeaway is truly… Brands need to step up, they need to understand this. They need to understand that there is really cool, so many technology that solves, so many of these problems and leading with a customer centric focus cannot be an afterthought. It cannot be something that we do after we do these five things. It truly has to be the foundation upon which your customer or which your company has built and certainly your customer experience strategies are built, I think.

Jeff Nicholson: I totally agree. I think now is the time. The advances in tech technology have actually changed what is possible at this point.

Shelly Kramer: Absolutely.

Jeff Nicholson: For a long time, the barrier was, it’s going to be too hard. It’s going to take too long. It’s going to cost too much, so let’s just live with the status quo. It’s just simply not the case anymore.

Shelly Kramer: Yeah. Yeah. I agree. Well, you at Pega have an exciting event coming up. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about it?

Jeff Nicholson: We do. It’s called PegaWorld iNspire, it’s where the world’s customer service leaders are coming together to talk about the latest trends in customer service, in customer engagement, using AI and automation to really orchestrate that journey wherever the customer goes. it’s taking place on May the fourth, all the Star Wars fans are going to have their antennas go up, may the fourth be with you, but it is May 4th and it’s an online virtual event. Last year, we set a record with our attendance. We’re hoping to do even better this year. We hope you can us.

Shelly Kramer: Well, I will be there for sure. I have been attending PegaWorld as I said for. Oh, my gosh. It seems like a really long time now. I always learn really interesting things. Here I am recalling the empathy meter from three or four years ago. For all of you listening, we’ll share a link to the event, you can register for the event. I will also tell you that over the course of the last year, I personally have attended more virtual events than I can count. Last year’s PegaWorld event was one of the first virtual events during a pandemic. Right? When everybody was making shifts. What I will tell you is that that virtual event was one of the very best, just the environment, the platform, the experience. Everything about it was fantastic.

You and the team at Pega do a fantastic job of putting on a virtual event. If you are listening and you’re hearing that, “Oh, virtual event. Another virtual event.” I can promise you it will be spectacular.