5G Factor Video Research Note: What is Juniper Cloud Metro and why is it important to the 5G ecosystem?
by Shelly Kramer and Ron Westfall | March 29, 2023

For this vignette of a recent episode of the Futurum Tech Webcast, part of the 5G Factor series, analysts Shelly Kramer and Ron Westfall talk about the 5G ecosystem as a whole. As we move from 2G, to 3G to 4G to 5G, we are looking at more connected devices than ever before – to the tune of 10x to 100x. We are looking at 1000X mobile volume data, and 10x-100x increase in data rates. Latency is also a key part of this equation, and we’re looking at 5X in lower latency performance.

That’s where Juniper Cloud Metro comes in, which Juniper positions as being all about Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Shelly and Ron touched on:

  • How Metro sits in the middle of apps shifting service delivery into the Metro platform.
  • Cloud Metro is the place where video caching is being distributed, where we’ll see 5G user plans and security gateways being distributed.
  • As we have a massive increase in workloads residing in edge cloud, applications moving to the edge will be pushing into Metro.

So, essentially, Metro becomes the “new edge” representing some fairly substantial growth potential, including a rapidly growing edge computing market, with a whopping 50% of enterprise data being distributed in edge clouds in less than a two-year time period and metro transport traffic growing at an equally rapid pace, along with subscribers willing to pay more for a better experience and beyond.

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5G Ecosystem
5G Ecosystem
5G Ecosystem


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Shelly Kramer: Thinking all things 5G networks, we’re naturally going to highlight Juniper’s Cloud Metro offering. And so let’s start a little bit by talking about the 5G ecosystem as a whole. So as we move from 2G to 3G, to 4G to 5G (and 6G), we’re looking at more connected devices than ever before.

Anyone listening to this show probably knows that, right? More connected devices than ever before. We’re looking at 1,000 times increase in mobile volume data and amazing increases in data rates and latency is also a part of this equation. And we’re looking at a 5x lower latency performance. So we’ve got lots of things that are going on here, and that’s really where Juniper Cloud Metro comes in. And Juniper positions this as being all about volume, velocity, and variety. And Metro sits in the middle of apps that are shifting service delivery into the Metro platform. And it’s a place where things like video caching is being distributed and we’ll see 5G user planes and security gateways being distributed and we’ll also have a massive increase in workloads that are residing in edge cloud applications being moved to the edge. All of these things will be pushing into Metro. And that’s, I think, part of what makes this such a valuable solution.

About the Authors

Shelly Kramer is a Principal Analyst and Founding Partner at Futurum Research. A serial entrepreneur with a technology centric focus, she has worked alongside some of the world’s largest brands to embrace disruption and spur innovation, understand and address the realities of the connected customer, and help navigate the process of digital transformation. She brings 20 years' experience as a brand strategist to her work at Futurum, and has deep experience helping global companies with marketing challenges, GTM strategies, messaging development, and driving strategy and digital transformation for B2B brands across multiple verticals. Shelly's coverage areas include Collaboration/CX/SaaS, platforms, ESG, and Cybersecurity, as well as topics and trends related to the Future of Work, the transformation of the workplace and how people and technology are driving that transformation. A transplanted New Yorker, she has learned to love life in the Midwest, and has firsthand experience that some of the most innovative minds and most successful companies in the world also happen to live in “flyover country.”

Ron is an experienced research expert and analyst, with over 20 years of experience in the digital and IT transformation markets. He is a recognized authority at tracking the evolution of and identifying the key disruptive trends within the service enablement ecosystem, including software and services, infrastructure, 5G/IoT, AI/analytics, security, cloud computing, revenue management, and regulatory issues. Read Full Bio.