Uber Acquires Geometric Intelligence, Increasing Commitment to AI [Video]
by Daniel Newman | December 8, 2016
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This past week Uber announced the acquisition of an Artificial Intelligence company called Geometric Intelligence. With this acquisition Uber will officially be creating Uber AI Labs, a think tank within Uber that will be looking at all of the utilizations for Artificial Intelligence within the organization.

Over the past few months, Uber has discussed its desire to be able to roll out an autonomous vehicle fleet. To accomplish this task, Uber is going to have to build a level of AI that can handle many unique situations. The Geometric Intelligence team is working on the types of deep learning and AI that could potentially help Uber to accomplish this in a shorter period of time.

Additionally, Uber sees the growth of their AI practice important as they seek to do more with the data they collect. Recently Uber has updated their terms to incorporate data for up to 5 minutes after a rider completes their ride. (you must opt out of this if you do not seek to share) The idea is to have better insights as to the complete experience for the rider, and of course to collect more information on their users, which can be seen as good or bad.

Another interesting case for the AI investment is the elimination of fraud according to sources that were discussing the deal. Essentially, Uber feels that AI has massive potential to rapidly sift through massive amounts of data to discover potential fraud in their system. This is a great example of how AI will start to be used more widely in the market as businesses know that even the best data scientists cannot leverage all available data quickly, Artificial Intelligence can help fill the gap.

In this brief video, I discuss the news of the Geometric Intelligence acquisition, the implications of the move and then provide a little more insight on the impact that AI is having on not just Uber, but on the way we work, live and communicate everyday.

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