Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2017 – No. 4: Flex & Remote Work [Video]
by Daniel Newman | October 20, 2016
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There are no limitations to what many workers can do so long as they have access to their tools. Yet, many companies continue to force hiring local even though the best talent may be elsewhere. What we do know for sure are companies that hire, train and retain the best talent outperform their competitors, AND companies that offer their employees flexibility and the best work life balance wind up with the most satisfied employees. This means that remote and flexible work are enabling businesses to transform faster while providing greater customer and employee satisfaction.

Young professionals prefer flexibility to compensation. Mobile technology and bandwidth proliferation allow businesses to connect with (and retain) top talent anywhere in the world. Contract and freelance employees appreciate the ability to work from home or while sitting on the beach. Companies benefit from having the ability to hire the most talented employees available in any time zone. As businesses’ digital transformations continue to support telecommute capabilities, I expect that we’ll see exciting new developments and opportunities for remote operations.

In this short video I talk about how remote and flex work will be a key ingredient to successful digital transformation.

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