Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2017 – Trend 5: AR & VR In The Workplace
by Daniel Newman | October 26, 2016
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There is so much interest today in creating immersive experiences that blend our physical realities with our technologies. This is exactly why companies that are successfully achieving digital transformation are making serious investments in the power of Augmented and Virtual Reality. One example of this type of of investment was this past week when Google made the acquisition of a relatively unknown startup by the name of Eyefluence.

The goal of Eyefluence is to move AR and VR from something that requires active hand gestures interacting with the wearables that drive AR and VR to being able to simply read the eyes of the user and drive them where they want to go. This is one of many similar investments being made in big tech to validate that these technologies are highly relevant. However, there are also broad use cases that are supporting the growth of AR and VR as well.

For instance, the booming success of thePokémon GO AR app is a wakeup call to any business that hasn’t evaluated the potential of AR and VR. These technologies were once limited to the gaming realm, but they’re now easier to implement than ever before. The mainstream shift toward AR and VR provides new ways to connect with customers and offer unique, memorable interactions.

The popularity of AR and VR also open up the gates for workplace gamification. I predict that by next year gamification will go from a footnote to a core business strategy. We are currently researching this and anticipate there will be a strong roadmap for incorporating gaming into the workplace along with VR and AR for improved employee engagement, retention and customer experience.

In this short video, I explain the power that augmented and virtual reality have and how they will be impacting businesses in 2017 and beyond.

photo credit: Simon Blackley Virtual reality via photopin (license)

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