Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2017 – Trend 1: Adaptability
by Daniel Newman | October 4, 2016
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Every business today is looking at how they can survive and thrive into the future. With change happening faster and faster, the ability to successfully implement change quickly is going to separate those that continue to achieve success, with everyone else. This is why the first trend to successful digital transformation is adaptability. In my Forbes piece I describe it like this:

1. Adaptability is more vital to success than ever: Change is going to happen whether you pursue it or not—you only need to look at how the role of cloud computing in 2016 has evolved to understand. Modern enterprises succeed when they adapt to industry and marketplace shifts and incorporate new technology into company culture and regular operations. However, digital transformation isn’t only about technology, it’s about bringing together the power of technology with a culture that embraces the change that it can lead for the organization.

In this video I speak more to the importance of adaptability and building a culture that embraces change.

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