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Shelly Kramer, Principal Analyst + Founding Partner

Shelly Kramer is a Principal Analyst and Founding Partner of Futurum Research, the President of Broadsuite Media Group, and the CEO of V3 Broadsuite. A serial entrepreneur with a technology centric focus, she has worked with some of the world’s largest brands to lead them into the digital space, embrace disruption and the reality of the connected customer, and help navigate the process of Digital Transformation. Her knowledge of Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, Cloud, and Collaboration, and her work with CMOs, CIOs, CXOs, and more, mean that her insights on innovation, disruption, customer experience, and transformation aren’t based on hypothesis—they’re based on real world experience and real world success. Kramer has two books in development: one on customer experience and the other on B2B lead generation strategies. Her blog has long been recognized as one of the best on strategy and marketing and she’s a contributing writer to and a variety of other online publications. She’s a transplanted New Yorker living in the Midwest, a sought-after speaker, and a member of various advisory boards of both for profit and non-profit entities.