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Eric Vidal, Advisor + Founding Partner

Eric Vidal is an Advisor and Founding partner of Futurum, the Vice-President of Broadsuite Media Group, and acts as the Editor of The Marketing Scope, a BMG property. Vidal has worked with both large and small organizations in the Digital Transformation process, beginning in 2000, working with cutting edge cloud technologies. While at Cisco and later InterCall, he worked with key stakeholders leading the rollout and adoption of collaboration and video technologies, as well as providing guidance to achieve measurable business results for organizations like IBM, Canon USA, Capgemini, addidas, Subaru, and more. Vidal is both a speaker and educator, passionate about sharing his expertise, in person or online through virtual events. He regularly shares his insights in a number of online publications, and has a book in development on B2B lead generation strategies. Vidal is based in Phoenix.