SAS Global Forum 2019 Event Recap—Innovation to Improve Decision-Making
by Fred McClimans | May 9, 2019
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SAS Global Forum 2019 Event Recap

I attended the SAS Global Forum 2019 event in Dallas this past week. Below is a press release announcing the latest SAS Platform release features, which are billed as innovation to help improve decision-making.

The Latest SAS Platform Release Features Innovation to Help Improve Decision-Making

SAS, the leader in advanced analytics, is enhancing its automated, simple, and powerful analytics platform to help digital disruptors and emerging leaders blaze a trail forward. The updated SAS® Platform delivers additional innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically in the areas of machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and other technologies that underpin AI. Read the full press release here.

What Does a $1Bn Investment in Artificial Intelligence Yield as an ROI?

What does a $1 billion investment in artificial intelligence yield as an ROI? Quite a lot. At the SAS Global Forum event in Dallas, SAS put on what seemed at times to be a clinic in how to leverage AI to address real world problems with an eye toward simplicity and ease of use.

Observations from the SAS Global Forum 2019

The following are a few observations from my time at the SAS Global Forum event, speaking with both SAS executives and their clients.

First off, the firm has managed to inject its AI technologies widely throughout its product portfolio. From some really impressive computer vision to NLP and predictive analytics, it’s clear that the company has focused not on proof-of-concept initiatives but rather on enabling enterprises to address real-world problems. And while the focus of the event was clearly AI, the firm is still underselling itself.

Second, there were two common themes that flowed through many of the products and offerings: Risk management and data visualization. As we generate, and analyze for insights, an increasing volume of data, presenting insights in a format that is easy to digest and understand is paramount. And that’s exactly what SAS has done.

This also speaks to the former theme, by minimizing the risks associated with assessing data-driven insights. The core risk theme was focused on leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics to inform through suggestions that enhance user data. This utilized an approach that seemed a lot like error correction. For example: Analyzing historical data and patterns, as well as historical user accuracy to suggest adjustments to planning and forecasting entries. Simple, but a nice touch.

What’s Next?

The SAS Global Forum 2019 event provided much to think about, but SAS does have a way to go. The core engines are in place, even if the engines are highly vertical at this point.

Moving forward, I’d like to see more application of these tools into different verticals. For example, some of the machine learning and analytics tools for medical application could be transformed to other industries, such as banking, insurance, and investment sectors.

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