The Intelligent Enterprise for the Consumer Products Industry

There was once a time when the quality of a product could speak for itself, and as long as it was competitively priced, consumers would happily buy it. Now great product alone won’t cut it. Companies need to provide memorable customer experiences wherever their customers are. The omnichannel expectations can be overwhelming.

But the companies that have been able to meet these rising expectations by turning to technology to build better customer relationships are what SAP calls Intelligent Enterprises.

In The Intelligent Enterprise for the Consumer Products Industry, the Futurum Research team breaks down how to start taking advantage of moments of opportunity—those chances you have to connect with consumers in order to build a lasting relationship that will make a difference.

When you read this short brief you’ll learn:

  • What successful brands do to build relationships
  • How to make customers’ lives easier while still respecting their privacy
  • How to transform from a product-centered business model to an experience-centered model
  • The importance of sharing values with your customer base

Digital transformation in the consumer products industry can be tough, but it’s not impossible when you have the right roadmap to guide you. Of course, success will depend on your team making good use of emerging technology, such as AI and machine learning for chatbots, pattern detection, and image/speech recognition. Other technology that can improve the customer experience includes data platforms, blockchain, advanced analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA). All of this combined with the right mix of people and strategy can be exactly what your company needs to become an intelligent enterprise.

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