The Container-as-a-Service Value Proposition

In the digital world we live in, technology is at the center of every business operation. From the devices that manufacture products to the online apps used to purchase and consume them, every action made using technology of any kind creates data. That data is the very lifeblood of every organization. Data can be evaluated, analyzed, used to uncover meaningful insights and drive both strategic and tactical, real-time decisions driving business operations, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, predictive analytics, and more. But that’s only possible if the mountains of data running through every organization can be captured in a way that provides context and both the integrity and structure to be properly analyzed.

Speaking of mountains of data, exabytes of data are created every day from digital and physical actions that are captured through various technology systems, most of which likely goes unused. Capturing, ingesting, and processing this data can be a difficult challenge for almost any organization, as the sources and volume of data are both continually changing and rapidly increasing.

In our latest white paper, The Container-as-a-Service Value Proposition — done in partnership with HPE and Splunk — we explore the current state of the data ingestion and the often disparate systems that many organizations use to capture and manage data, and how to find a better, flexible, and cost-effective solution.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • The pain points of data ingestion that many organizations deal with today
  • The value of containers and the benefits of shifting to a cloud-based container model
  • An exploration of the HPE Splunk partnership
  • Some real world use case examples

There’s no doubt that data will be at the center of every business decision for years to come, and finding the right solution to capture, manage, and analyze that data will be the key to success for an enterprise organization. If you are interested in learning more about why containerization might be the right solution for your organization, download your copy of The Container-as-a-Service Value Proposition today.

In partnership with:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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