Tapping into the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot Across the Organization

In recent years, few segments of enterprise have seen more shifts — or challenges — than sales, marketing, and service. Daily, teams are tasked with managing new, increasingly complex technologies. As channels multiply and customer expectations evolve, while unreliable global supply and logistics issues remain, the employee experience can often be summed up in one word: stressful.

It comes as no surprise that many teams are turning to technology to simplify the overwhelm, but finding the right technology isn’t easy. Our research shows that 35 percent of organizations use at least three different applications to collaborate, while 36 percent use four or more. In fact, almost two-thirds of salespeople feel they spend far more time in their productivity tools now than they did just two years ago. Further, it’s not just marketing and sales teams experiencing frustration — customers are also raising their expectations — more than 70 percent of customers say they would walk away from a company after just one negative experience. 

In our latest research brief, Tapping into the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot Across the Organization — done in partnership with Microsoft — we analyze how the benefits new technologies, such as Generative AI, improve both customer experience and the employee experience for those in marketing, sales and customer service roles.

In this brief you’ll learn:

  • The challenges facing sales, marketing and customer service teams today
  • How customer experience is driving the need for more efficient tools
  • The benefits of Generative AI for marketing, sales and customer experience
  • How the right Generative AI tools can transform data, creating meaningful insights, while saving time and money
  • A look into Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Copilot solution

As businesses look for new technologies to improve both the employee and customer experience, Microsoft Dynamics Copilot 365 offers simplified, yet powerful tools. If you are interested in learning more about how Generative AI can benefit your company’s bottom line, download your copy of Tapping into the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot Across the Organization, today.

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