Reimagining the Future of Media

In the last few months, supply and consumption demand has skyrocketed in the media industry where digital transformation was already in motion. Triggered by the global pandemic, we are facing an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine the future of media, including where will the industry go once consumer spend returns to normal.

From Netflix and Disney+ to Hulu and Peacock, streaming media has been one of the biggest success stories to come out of the pandemic. With a wide array of offerings and services available, these platforms — in addition to single TV channels doing their best to sell their own content, sports, and other events — are trying to stay relevant in an increasingly crowded and fragmented media marketplace.

Our newest white paper, Reimagining the Future of Media — done in partnership with SAP — offers a deep dive into the current industry trends, practices, challenges, and behaviors in relation to streaming media. We examine what channels, content creators, and streaming services need to do to both hold onto their audiences and also maintain and build on their surge in popularity, given the increased competition that has occurred in recent months.

Companies now have the perfect opportunity to build a foundation that will allow them to stay agile for whatever comes next in this industry in the coming years. But that foundation won’t be built by the same strategies that have worked in the past. Companies will have to take time to reimagine what will work in the future.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How to respond, rethink, and recover in this ever-changing industry
  • The importance of collecting user data for better personalized experiences
  • The value of partnerships based on data
  • Tips for success for the future

For a complete dive into the future of streaming services, including the challenges these companies face, and our predictions about the road ahead, download your copy of the Reimagining the Future of Media today.


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