Honeywell Environmental Sustainability Index, Q1 2023

As we’ve previously reported, global businesses are more climate-conscious than ever, prioritizing emerging technologies in the pursuit of increased sustainability, and yet measuring progress towards achieving the meaningful change of many environmental sustainability initiatives presents a challenge. 

To further understand the state of environmental sustainability initiatives, our team at Futurum Research, in partnership with Honeywell, have developed a comprehensive index designed to measure sentiment around the pace and adoption of climate technologies within organizations.

In this second edition of the Honeywell Environmental Sustainability Index, we provide a quarter-over-quarter comparison and data-centric perspective of sentiment and progress on the prior and current state of environmental sustainability (ES) initiatives. 

Our research findings are based on a survey of over 700 global business leaders, across a wide range of industries, directly involved in their organizations’ ES initiatives. Their feedback offers key insights into the current state of corporate climate tech, as well as its potential for impacting meaningful change on a global scale.

In this report from Futurum Research and Honeywell, you’ll learn:

  • The overall sentiment leaders have about the past year and future climate goals
  • Budget trends and investment allocation across organizations to achieve their ES goals
  • An overview of priorities for the coming year, with key breakdowns across global regions
  • How organizations are approaching their ES goals

Environmental sustainability efforts will continue to take center stage in coming years. This index, past and future versions, will be key to track sentiment, adoption, and the intent of companies in reducing their impact on the climate. Whether you are looking to take your company’s climate initiatives to the next level or want to be sure that you are consistent with others in your industry, this index will provide invaluable guidance on all things climate tech. Download your copy of the Honeywell Environmental Sustainability Index, Q1 2023, today

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