Groq: A Single Core Design Enabling Higher Compute Performance

AI accelerators are the critical tools that deliver speed and agility to complex computing workloads including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and high performance computing (HPC).

For enterprises and for researchers, the importance of using the most powerful and flexible AI accelerators is huge in their operations, helping them to conduct their work more efficiently, beat their competition, and drive value in every step of their operations.

But not all AI accelerators are alike.

In our latest research brief, Groq: A Single Core Design Enabling Higher Compute Performance — done in partnership with Groq — we analyze how their technology can help enterprises and other organizations improve compute power, reduce uncertainty, and deliver vastly better performance for their most demanding workloads.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • Common AI accelerator challenges
  • The power of the innovative Groq Compiler
  • How the US Army successfully used Groq for cybersecurity anomaly detection
  • Our conclusions and recommendations for enterprise and other customers on choosing which AI accelerators best fit your line of work

Selecting the best performing, most flexible, and highly scalable AI accelerator is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your company workloads, overall AI strategy, and building long- term competitive advantages driven by data insights. If you are interested in learning more about how an AI accelerator can change your business, download your copy of Groq: A Single Core Design Enabling Higher Compute Performance, today.

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