Four Keys to Navigating the Hardware Security Journey

As security technologies have increased in sophistication, cyber criminals have expanded their approach to focus on targets perceived to be less protected, many of which exist at the hardware level. From lone individuals to state-sponsored groups, cybersecurity threats today and in the future will be felt through the entire ecosystem, from the first supplier to the final end user.

In an era where security breaches can cost millions, in both monetary damages and reputational damage, the need for improved hardware security has never been greater. Device users must be afforded true security — being provided a shield or security posture that follows them throughout their journeys as users, collaborators, consumers, cogs in the supply chain and beyond — for every action taken throughout the life cycle of the device.

Our newest research report, Four Keys to Navigating the Hardware Security Journey — done in partnership with Dell — explores the level and type of threats enterprises encounter today, and the measures, practices, and policies these enterprises employ to address these threats throughout the security journey. We share the findings of our long-term research initiative on the subject informed by the opinions of 1,000 high-level technology and security executives directly involved in the planning, implementation, management, or operations of security.

We believe as the number of devices throughout an enterprise increases, partner ecosystems continue to develop, and more software and hardware are purchased, organizations will regularly uncover new security threats that can potentially negatively impact the organization. And being unprepared should not be an option for today’s enterprise — there’s too much at stake.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • Common security misconceptions (some of which will surprise you)
  • How to assess and evaluate your enterprise’s position in the supply chain
  • Tips for building a strong foundation for security
  • The importance of security frameworks and guide rails throughout the security journey
  • The benefits of using security dashboards

The task of developing and implementing an enterprise-wide security posture is not an easy one, but it’s a must in today’s security climate. For a complete dive into hardware security and how enterprises are developing their hardware security strategy, download your copy of Four Keys to Navigating the Hardware Security Journey today. 

In partnership with:

Dell Technologies

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