Experience 2030: Pulse Report — The Acceleration of Digital Engagement, Personalization and Trust

Customer experience has never been more important than it is today. Customers are digital beings who expect personalized experiences. For any brand that wants to survive and thrive in the age of disruption, understanding this and embracing customer experience is mission-critical.

In 2019, we partnered with SAS to better understand all things customer experience, including defining what it is today and how it will evolve through the next decade. Opinions and insights from more than 4,000 consumers, executives and marketers made up the findings of the study. The results of this effort were highlighted in Experience 2030: The Future of Customer Experience is… NOW! published in October 2019.

A year later, amid the global pandemic and unprecedented disruptions facing organizations across the globe, we again partnered with SAS to capture the pulse of the customer experience today. Experience 2030: Pulse Report — The Acceleration of Digital Engagement, Personalization and Trust details our findings informed by the opinions and insights of global consumer executives, technology professionals, and others.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • How consumer and brand behaviors have changed as a result of engagement going digital
  • The importance of personalization in a primarily online engagement model
  • How brands are adapting to change and positioning themselves for the future
  • Key drivers of brand loyalty in the new engagement model
  • How brands are building trust to reinforce engagements and relationships.

Understanding where consumers are in today’s marketplace can help organizations craft customer experience strategies for the future that will help aid in the growth and transformation of their business. If you are responsible for customer experience in your organization or if you’re interested in learning more about the impact that the pandemic has had on customer experience, then this is one report you won’t want to miss. Download your copy of Experience 2030: Pulse Report — The Acceleration of Digital Engagement, Personalization and Trust, today.


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Daniel Newman is the Principal Analyst of Futurum Research and the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group. Living his life at the intersection of people and technology, Daniel works with the world’s largest technology brands exploring Digital Transformation and how it is influencing the enterprise. Read Full Bio