Ensuring Mainframe Security in a Dynamic World

As organizations are digitally transforming, the need to provide access to mainframe applications and more importantly the data that resides on the mainframe is becoming more crucial. The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally shifted how we work which has shifted how mainframe systems are managed and administered. Gone are the days where support teams are based in the same physical location as a mainframe datacenter.

In addition to these fundamental shifts, we are seeing an increasingly dynamic geopolitical landscape as well as increased in sophisticated cyber criminals who are looking to steal, compromise and disable systems of record through cyber attacks. These changes have led organizations to change their security postures.

It’s clear the enterprise organizations are facing a critical point in their security journeys as they look to improve mainframe security and mitigate risks. In our latest research brief, Ensuring Mainframe Security in a Dynamic World — created in partnership with Iconium Software — we explore the current security challenges that are facing organizations and potential technology solutions that can help.

In this brief you’ll learn:

  • The state of the mainframe security
  • An overview of common mainframe security challenges
  • How Iconium Software and their technology solutions can help organizations
  • Recommendations for improving mainframe security

At a time when mainframe security is tantamount to success, finding the right partner and technology solution is table stakes. If you’re interested in learning how to improve your mainframe security posture, download your copy of Ensuring Mainframe Security in a Dynamic World today.

In partnership with:

Iconium Software

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About the Author

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