Doing More With Less is Every Organization’s Goal — Viva Sales Actually Makes That Possible

In recent years, the majority of organizations have been asked to do more with less. A recent study revealed that nearly 50 percent of business leaders have been or are currently understaffed and have lost customers as a result. Yet, business keeps moving and their sales goals continue to rise. Additionally, employees facing burnout continue to express their desire for improved work-life balance, while businesses look for ways to to squeeze as much value as possible from their shrinking budgets.

In our current business climate, important transitions are happening, as indicated by Microsoft’s recent 2022 Work Trend Index, which found that almost half of respondents are prioritizing family, personal life, health and well-being above work compared to before the pandemic. Employee demands are at an all-time high, while resources for businesses to make these beneficial changes for their employees are few. How can businesses approach an impending recession and invest in the kind of technologies that result in higher job satisfaction as well as a better bottom line?

In our latest research brief, Doing More with Less is Every Organization’s Goal — Viva Sales Actually Makes That Possible, done in partnership with Microsoft, we analyze the current state of the sales environment and how businesses can best approach narrowing the gap in work-life balance for their employees, while still improving their sales and their customer experience.

In this brief you’ll learn:
• Current state of the sales team environment
• Common challenges that sales teams face day-to-day
• How customer data platform performance can make or break employee satisfaction
• How Microsoft’s Viva Sales platform’s promising solutions for sales teams can deliver improved employee satisfaction

Today’s businesses must make major transitions in order to meet the needs of their employees, both in work-life balance, and in improving their bottom line. As businesses look to technology for solutions to these challenges, Microsoft’s Viva Sales platform is here to make work easier. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to download your copy of Doing More with Less is Every Organization’s Goal — Viva Sales Actually Makes That Possible, today.

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