Customer Data Platform: The Key for Contact Center Transformations

CDPs have quickly become an integral part of MarTech stacks, connecting customer data from multiple touchpoints like social media, websites, in-store, and others. Yet the data that is collected and managed within these CDPs has been siloed from the rest of the organization creating a disjointed customer experience — especially in customer service centers.

Customers today expect organizations to provide excellent customer experiences whether it’s online, in-store, or with a customer service agent. This requires data and complete customer profiles. To meet the growing needs of contact center employees, it’s essential that businesses move toward a customer data platform (CDP) to automatically create a unified customer profile, pulling data from many sources — both internal and external. CDPs are often thought of as just marketing tools, but the right CDP can and should be leveraged across the entire organization, with a goal of eliminating data silos everywhere.

In our latest white paper Customer Data Platform: The Key for Contact Center Transformations — done in partnership with Treasure Data — we examine the challenges that contact center employees face and how a CDP will further transform contact centers from cost hubs to revenue-generating experience centers that play a critical role in the customer journey. In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • The current state of contact centers including an overview of the cloudification of contact centers
  • Common contact center challenges
  • The value a CDP can bring an organization
  • An overview of Treasure Data’s newest solution CDP for Service

As organizations move forward with their contact center transformations, we believe utilizing a customer data platform will quickly prove invaluable. Contact centers can finally begin to shift from defense to offense, helping improve not only the experiences of their customers, but equally as important, the bottom line of the organization. If you’re interested in learning how a CDP can transform your contact center, download your copy of Customer Data Platform: The Key for Contact Center Transformations today.

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