Consumption-Based IT Services: The Value Proposition of On-Premises Services

The model for IT and IT Services has evolved and adapted considerably over the past few years. Whether it is from changing business requirements or the speed of technological development, two trends continue to drive the market: adoption of ‘as-a-service’ models at the expense of traditional purchase/depreciate models, and the shift to the cloud, which impacts on-premises IT.

Consumption-Based IT Services: The Value Proposition of On-Premise Services explores the need for consumption-based, on-premises IT Services, as well as identify drivers, benefits, and barriers to the deployment of overall IT Services, along with a focus on the value proposition of the consumption-based delivery model. In this complimentary paper you will learn:

  • Why 78 percent of respondents cite IT performance and features matter when it comes to selecting an IT Service, as well as which industries value IT Decision Drivers the most.
  • An understanding of Consumption-Based IT Services and why 26 percent of the respondents are increasing their use of this model while 16.8 percent consider themselves all-in.
  • Which Consumption-based IT Benefits provided value by Industry according to our respondents and what is driving interest in the Consumption-based IT Services.
  • Which models for storage and computing most enterprises employ, the cloud or on-premise, and why.
  • Why lack of budget, rigid contracts, and lack of awareness are a barrier to Consumption-based IT Services innovation.
  • Why Consumption-based IT Services budgets are on the rise even though cost control continues to be an issue.

To learn more about how Consumption-based, On-Premises IT Services can meet more of the needs of enterprise IT, download Consumption-Based IT Services: The Value Proposition of On-Premise Services.

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