Bridging The IoT Perception Gap: Information vs Operational Technology

Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) often have different goals, performance metrics, and perspectives on both the collaboration and the outcome as it pertains to the design, implementation, and creation of value through IoT technologies.

We conducted a survey to 500 respondents who had at least a moderate level of IoT planning, configuration, management, and or oversight responsibility within either IT or OT. Our findings show that IT and OT work collaboratively to drive overall business value, but there are imbalances and gaps between these two groups—gaps that may be serving as hidden barriers to the success of IoT initiatives in many organizations. Overcoming these gaps is an important step in realizing the potential of IoT from both operational and customer-focused perspectives.

Our study, Bridging the IOT Perception Gap: Information Vs. Operational Technology, gives a deep dive into our survey findings. You will learn:

  • Why the relationship between Information Technology and Operational Technology for IoT initiatives is so important
  • Six areas where perception and reality between IT and OT as well as between mid-level and executive management, may not match
  • Key recommendations organizations should adhere to in order to maximize their IoT investments and realize the greatest collaboration between all parties involved in IoT projects
  • The promise of IoT implementations require the blending of talent from both OT and IT in the design, implementation, and operation of IoT system. Companies must think about customer experience and operational success at each step of their IoT deployment to achieve business optimization.

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