Achieve Seamless Cloud Consumption by Embracing ‘As-a-Service’ Culture

In today’s business environment, innovation and data are inextricably linked. But with so much data, it’s no longer feasible to count on one single data center or cloud environment to process it all. Compute capabilities for applications, however, vary. Some require speed, some security, and others have unique nuances depending on the situation for which they are being used. That’s why using multiple environments — cloud, data center, edge — not only makes sense, it’s quickly becoming the standard in enterprises everywhere.

Many organizations are also finding that they’re not relying on one cloud provider and its services for all workloads. They are picking the right mix based on business expectations and application service requirements, forcing a shift in IT culture.

Companies are learning, often the hard way, that their data needs to flow seamlessly between workloads and applications despite where the data resides if they want to gain the most precise and potentially real-time customer insights. And the only way to keep that data flowing seamlessly is to build an enterprise centered on data with an ultimate goal of keeping the data moving and keeping it accessible and adaptable to rapidly changing business conditions.

Our newest white paper, Achieve Seamless Cloud Consumption by Embracing ‘As-a-Service’ Culture — done in partnership with Dell — explores the challenges, benefits, and trends of moving to a multi-cloud architecture including what it takes to rebuild your IT culture around this convergence.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • The steps to develop enterprise cloud architecture
  • Benefits of a multi-cloud environment
  • An understanding of a service-focused culture
  • New and changing consumption models
  • What to look for in cloud vendors

Without question, moving to a hybrid cloud architecture can be complex. If this sounds familiar, then this white paper is for you. For a complete dive into cloud consumption, we welcome you to download Achieve Seamless Cloud Consumption by Embracing ‘As-a-Service’ Culture today.

In partnership with:

Dell Technologies

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