The iPhone 11 Is Coming, Yawn.
by Daniel Newman | August 17, 2019

The News:  The new iPhone 11 launch date is looking stronger than ever, and we’re starting to see some real, solid leaks on how the upgraded handset will look.

If you’re not up to speed with what the iPhone 2019 rumor mill is spilling forth, then you’d best get ready for a slight disappointment: the new iPhone range looks set to be nothing more than an incremental upgrade. We’ve got some heritage in sifting through these rumors – we’ve been at it for over a decade – and nothing we’ve picked up suggests anything more than that.

Read the full “Rumor Mill” from Tech Radar. USA Today has also shed some light on the rumors around the iPhone 11.

Analyst Take: Apple’s past couple of years for iPhone has been a bit more tumultuous than many people would realize. With market share dropping globally and in Europe, and Samsung picking up steam including achieving 40% of Europe’s market, Apple needs a big refresh and to show some ambition around the innovation of their devices.

Well, I think it will happen, but not with the iPhone 11. 

If rumors prove to be true, and since Job’s passing, the cone of silence has essentially been removed, so I’m speculating that most of them are. it seems the iPhone is 11 is set to have 3 versions with the basic 11, 11 Pro and 11 Max. I’m thinking an easy parallel is 10R, 10S, and 10S Max. The base 11 will be almost untouched, and it seems the consensus is the two bigger versions will get another camera and some improvement in processing power. Users, will likely not notice much. 

While I’m not known for being a big fan of Apple, I do use an Apple iPhone X as one of my devices and haven’t yet upgraded since as I’ve seen no point. For me, the waiting game will continue, and hopefully the iPhone 12 will be compelling enough for me to upgrade.

I believe the iPhone 11 will be a fleeting moment for Apple. I think with the transition back to Qualcomm and 5G not coming until at least 2020, that this is a relatively incremental update that should spur some 4th quarter sales. Having said that, I’m not holding my breath for a big sales jump and I expect even some Apple fans are going to be mourning this launch as another miss from Apple. Especially with Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi all showing greater innovation ambition. If I was buying a new device now, it wouldn’t be the iPhone 11, but I do have greater hope for the 12 coming in 2020.

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Daniel Newman
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