Spectra and Arcitecta Announce Combined Storage and Data Management Solution
by Mitch Lewis | May 26, 2023

The News: Spectra Logic and Arcitecta have announced a joint solution that combines the storage of Spectra’s BlackPearl systems with Arcitecta’s Mediaflux data management solution. Find the full Press Release here.

Spectra and Arcitecta Announce Combined Storage and Data Management Solution

Analyst Take: Spectra Logic and Arcitecta have teamed up to provide joint data storage and management solutions. The offering is available in two variations – Arcitecta Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl NAS and Arcitecata Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl Object Storage.

The Spectra Logic and Arcitecta offerings target large scale unstructured data needs with support for NFS, SMB, or S3 storage, depending on the BlackPearl solution chosen. The Arcitecta Mediaflux layer provides data management functionality including metadata cateloging, automatic tiering, lifecycle management, and user access controls. The solutions also feature security capabilities such as threat detection and monitoring.

Arcitecta Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl NAS Arcitecture (Source: Arcitecta)


To me, these joint offerings from Arcitecta and Spectra make perfect sense. Both Mediaflux and BlackPearl systems have strong individual capabilities and complement one another quite nicely. Mediaflux is a data management and metadata cataloging tool that can help organizations wrangle large scale data sets. Spectra Logic has a long history of providing reliable storage solutions, including its BlackPearl appliances. Both the NAS and Object versions of BlackPearl are well suited for highly scalable unstructured data storage.

As organizations are dealing with large scale, multi-petabyte capacities of data, a scalable storage system alone is only half the battle. The other half consists of understanding and managing the huge amount of data. Data management tools such as Mediaflux can help with these challenges by adding and catelogging metadata, automating data placement and data lifecycles, and quickly searching and finding data.

By combining the Spectra’s scalable unstructured data solutions with Arcitecta’s robust data management capabilities, the two companies have created a very complete offering for both the storage and management of large scale data. By providing both solutions together as a packaged offering, Spectra and Arcitecta simplify the process for customers who require both sets of capabilities.

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