SAP Sapphire Now 2019, SAP CX Live Events Recap
by Daniel Newman | May 15, 2019

Last week I was in Orlando for the SAP Sapphire Now 2019 and SAP Customer Experience Live events. While two separate events, collectively they brought together a common theme that transcended the mass of technology offered by SAP.

Over the past few years, we have seen SAP undergo a seismic shift from on-premises to cloud. Acquisitions of Concur, Ariba, Hybris and most recently Qualtrics, has been a springboard for the company to grow its cloud business.

Of course, we have concurrently seen traditional S/4 deployments migrating to cloud, which is probably the most important shift for SAP. This shift, for a company with a reputation as more of a legacy technology platform, to one that is able to truly garner the reputation of a technology platform and suite of offerings for businesses to fuel their digital transformation journeys is a significant shift.

I believe the company is aware of its strengths, as Chairman Hasso Plattner shared in his keynote, as well as their weaknesses, which generally revolve around user experience and legacy migration.

Beyond the cloud, the company has a strong story around Customer Experience and the need to integrate their traditional O Data (operational) with X Data (experience). This transformation across the product and service portfolio will be critical for the company to help their global customer base to realize the power of technologies like IoT, AI/ML and Blockchain.

SAP offered a positive and cohesive message at Sapphire Now 2019. Their expansive portfolio is arguably the largest in enterprise software and their acquisition spend has shown a commitment to growth and modernization.

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Image credit:  Marilee Macilroy from Pexels

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