Poly | HP Releases Voyager Free 60+ at CES 2023, a Feature-rich True Wireless Earbud Ideal for Hybrid Work
by Craig Durr | January 11, 2023

The News: At CES 2023, Poly announces its first major product release since completing its acquisition by HP in November. The Voyager Free 60+ is a feature-rich true wireless earbud ideal for hybrid work. Not only does the Voyager Free 60+ feature Poly’s legendary audio performance and innovations, but it also includes new features such as a touch-screen-enabled Smart Charge Case, adaptive hybrid ANC, and the ability to use the carrying case as a Bluetooth transmitter allowing you to use these earbuds with other audio sources such as airplane entertainment systems. Read the full Press Release of products released by HP at CES.

Poly | HP Releases Voyager Free 60+ at CES 2023, a Feature-rich True Wireless Earbud Ideal for Hybrid Work

Analyst Take: Using CES 2023 as the backdrop, Poly has released incredibly feature-rich true wireless earbuds that have raised the bar for what premier enterprise-grade earbuds should include. There are two versions: The Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds start at $299, and the Poly Voyager Free 60+, which will be priced at $350.

Poly | HP Releases Voyager Free 60+ at CES 2023, a Feature-rich True Wireless Earbud Ideal for Hybrid Work
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Poly Voyager Free 60 and 60+ Earbuds Offer Top-Notch Audio and Design Features

In the Poly Voyager Free 60 and 60+, the models are very similar regarding the audio and design features within the earbuds themselves. Available in either black or white, both models support a vast list of audio codecs (AAC, AptX, SBC, and mSBC) and Bluetooth profiles (A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, SPP.) Although I have yet to test these earbuds, the addition of Qualcomm’s AptX codec opens the possibility of experiencing exceptional sound quality for conversation and music.

Both models also include a USB Bluetooth dongle (the Poly BT700), which further enhances the connectivity back to a PC through Audio LE and the LC3 codec. Confusing acronyms aside, the Audio LE provides better support for true wireless earbuds with independent synchronized audio streams, translating into better sound, more extended range, and more efficient battery usage. The dongle also allows users to directly connect the Voyager Free 60s to the Poly P5 webcam.

New to these products is Poly’s version of adaptive hybrid ANC. Adaptive ANC enables the device to adjust the amount of noise cancellation to the surrounding environment. A two-setting transparency mode also allows the environmental audio to be heard if preferred. Users can use the capacitive touch controls on the earbuds to turn this on or off or a finger slide to adjust the volume as needed.

Poly Voyager Free 60+ Offers a Smart Charge Case to Match

But it is the Voyager Free 60+ model that steals the show. The model features the Smart Charge case, which enables some significant use cases.

Poly | HP Releases Voyager Free 60+ at CES 2023, a Feature-rich True Wireless Earbud Ideal for Hybrid Work

Thanks to its color touch display and intuitive icons located on the Smart Charge case, the Voyager Free 60+ enables users to mute calls, adjust volume, connect to external sources, and switch devices without dropping a call or interrupting what they are doing. The Smart Charge case puts the information users need and the ability to quickly do something about it in their hands.

In addition, the case allows users to connect to an external audio source (with the 3.5mm cable provided) and retransmit audio to the earbuds. The “hero” use case Poly is promoting is connecting to airplane entertainment systems, which I find compelling. Combined with the advanced ANC, I can now fly with only a pair of earbuds and leave my bulky over-the-ear headphones at home.

It is worth noting that Poly was not the first in the market with either of these features. The Bowers & Wilkins P17 featured audio retransmission, and the JBL Tour Pro 2 was the first to announce an intelligent display integrated into the case. Still, Poly is the first to bring both a touch-enabled smart case and audio retransmission over Bluetooth into a single product and to do it with an enterprise customer in mind.

Poly Clearly Has the Enterprise Customer in Mind

In my opinion, what’s truly groundbreaking is that Poly is bringing these features to an enterprise-centric audience, incorporating both models into Poly’s device management tools available to end users and the IT administrator.

End users can use the Poly Lens app, available for PC or mobile devices, to manage all compatible devices, keep software up to date, control settings, and configure personal health and wellness reminders.

IT admins can use the Poly Lens cloud-based tool to maintain visibility and control over voice, video, and headset devices. Poly Lens allows them to deploy, configure, update, and get valuable insights from one endpoint or thousands using one scalable platform.

Overall, Poly has leveraged their CES 2023 presence as a fantastic coming-out event for its new role with the HP family of solutions. Their first product released under this new organizational structure, the Voyager Free 60 and Voyager Free 60+, are exceptional additions to the product portfolio. They also exemplify that Poly has not lost any of its mojo when it comes to noteworthy audio products. You can find the full spec sheet for the Voyager Free 60+ here.

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