Oracle Payment Modernization Coming to Iconic Big Boy Restaurants
by Todd R. Weiss | January 31, 2023

The News: Oracle payment systems are being adopted by the iconic Big Boy Restaurant Group to modernize and overhaul the 86-year-old restaurant chain’s ordering systems and payment processing operations across the United States. Oracle’s MICROS Simphony Cloud Point of Sale (POS) and Oracle Payment Cloud Service will also be used by Big Boy to help improve its data use to better manage inventory and enable “ghost kitchens,” which are stand-alone commercial kitchens that prepare food for delivery rather than for in-restaurant dining. Read the full Press Release on the Oracle website.

Oracle Payment Modernization Coming to Iconic Big Boy Restaurants

Analyst Take: Big Boy’s smart move to bring in Oracle payment modernization for its restaurants is just the kind of decision that older, established companies should review and make on a regular basis.

It starts by looking inward and seeing where important technology improvements can be integrated to bolster and freshen up the company’s operations.

And it ends with responsive executives who take swift action when they see the benefits, cost savings, improved efficiencies and other big benefits of such improvements.

In Big Boy’s case, the move to Oracle payment modernization makes complete sense. POS systems have continued to evolve after the last time Big Boy upgraded its systems, and bringing in critical new features and capabilities is important for restaurants and their typically slim margins.

Big Boy is taking advantage of the latest must-haves for businesses in the Oracle offerings, including dramatically improved and more efficient ordering and payment processing, which will almost instantly start to show savings for the company and its restaurants. And the improvements in inventory management due to the state-of-the-art Oracle offerings will be another huge boon for Big Boy’s operations, further trimming costs and adding greater efficiencies.

Like all companies, as Big Boy has grown over the years, its technology must grow with it. That is happening now as the restaurant chain moves to adopt an enterprise-ready line of Oracle POS systems and cloud services that will allow the chain to grow even more and better manage its operations in an incredibly competitive market.

One of the major incentives for the transition to Oracle is Big Boy’s goal of improving its credit card processing systems. The chain will gain those advantages by using Oracle Payment Cloud Service to enable better security, more efficient processing, lower transaction fees, and increased savings. I believe these are just the kinds of smart goals that should be targeted when making critical enterprise technology improvements.

Oracle Payment Modernization Brings Other Big Boy Operational Gains

The Oracle payment modernization will also bring gains in other Big Boy operations, including giving the restaurants the ability to leverage comprehensive analytics and reporting for mobile order entry, table management, smart cash, and real-time inventory management. The Oracle platforms also provide Big Boy with open API and partner integrations for food delivery and marketing, as well as easier third-party ordering and fulfillment processes through delivery services such as DoorDash and GrubHub, according to the companies.

In the future, Big Boy says it will look at potentially integrating the Oracle products for drive-thru, self-checkout kiosks, and QR code ordering.

The Oracle MICROS Simphony POS and Oracle Payment Cloud Service products will also be useful for ghost kitchens established and used by Big Boy by allowing more efficient food ordering and fulfillment. In the difficult restaurant marketplace, these can be important considerations for a company’s revenue stream.

Overall, these are positive moves by Big Boy to reinvigorate its technology infrastructure with Oracle’s expertise and innovations when it comes to POS and cloud services. It will be interesting to watch how the moves improve the restaurant chain’s operations and efficiencies over the next few years. This is a smart move by Big Boy that I am sure will be watched closely by competitors in the restaurant and take-out marketplace.

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