Mavenir and AMD Ready to OpenBeam Up CSPs to Cloud-Native Networks
by Ron Westfall | February 6, 2023

The News:  Mavenir announced new initiatives in collaboration with AMD to help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in their transition to cloud-native telecommunications networks. Read the Mavenir Press Release here.

Mavenir and AMD Ready to OpenBeam Up CSPs to Cloud-Native Networks

Analyst Take: Mavenir and AMD are working together to advance Mavenir’s Open RAN OpenBeam Radio and Converged Packet Core portfolio across the mobile ecosystem. Mavenir has incorporated the AMD Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC devices into Mavenir’s OpenBeam Radio suite with ongoing commitment to introduce new functionality, features, and capabilities.

Plus, Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core has been validated on AMD EPYC CPUs, enabling Mavenir’s cloud-native, fully containerized, virtualized Converged Packet Core (5G/4G) solution to be deployed on AMD EPYC server CPUs to provide CSPs with more options to implement virtual network function in cloud data centers.

The expanded collaboration boosts AMD’s credentials across the mobile ecosystem and broadens its sales opportunities as 5G standalone (SA) picks up momentum and 5G Advanced support gains more investment backing. Specifically, the AMD Zync UltraScale+ RFSoC, gained through the Xilinx acquisition, integrates a soft-decision forward error-correction (SD-FEC) IP block with low-density parity checking and turbo codec support. The hardened cores deliver over 1 Gbps of performance at low latency as well as lower power and smaller area than soft logic implementations, which are capabilities well suited for rapidly evolving 5G networks.

I view Mavenir’s OpenBeam portfolio moves as key to its overall competitiveness. For example, in the Open RAN mMIMO category, I identify Mavenir’s AMD RFSoC-based 64TRX product registering a competitive edge against major rivals across CSP top-priority metrics such as weight, size, and deep sleep efficiency. The Mavenir 64TRX only weighs 22 Kg, while the Nokia AirScale 64TR is 45 Kg, Samsung MT6407 N77 is 36 Kg, and the Ericsson Air 6428 is 25 Kg. Additionally, Mavenir’s solution size is only 39 liters, while the Nokia AirScale 64TR is 81.7 liters, Samsung MT6407 is 51 liters, and Ericsson Air 6428 is 56 liters.

Also, the Mavenir 64TRX solution delivers 85% deep sleep efficiency rating, edging out the Ericsson Air 6428 deep sleep efficiency rating of 70% while currently the Samsung and Nokia offerings lack deep sleep efficiency capabilities.

Taken together, the weight, size, and deep sleep advantages of the Mavenir 64TRX solution aligns with the topmost sustainability objectives of CSPs, such as attaining net zero emissions and reducing overall energy consumption throughout their networks. From my perspective, such key Open RAN mMIMO competitive differentiators can help fuel Mavenir’s sales and marketing momentum in 2023 and beyond.

I find Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core (CPC) portfolio can further reduce CSP costs by reinforcing Mavenir’s light hardware footprint model and supporting fine-grained microservices that can accelerate service creating according to specific customer requirements. The Mavenir CPC portfolio is developed to advance CSP confidence in using cloud-native environments, augmented by open API support and AI/ML-powered automation, to invigorate a culture where developing, testing, and deployments occur rapidly and reliably.

Key Takeaways: Mavenir and AMD Expand Collaboration

I believe Mavenir’s new Open RAN OpenBeam Radio and Converged Packet Core initiatives with AMD demonstrate that Mavenir and the mobile ecosystem are maturing and becoming more effective at delivering solutions that can advance CSP transition toward open, cloud-native network models.

In October 2022, Mavenir raised an additional $155 million to expand its professional services staff and inventory to provide lead integration of end-to-end mobile network packages to counter the similar offerings of major rivals such as Ericsson and Nokia. The expanded AMD relationship indicates Mavenir is making tangible strides in fulfilling this strategic portfolio development and sales and marketing goal.

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