HPE Solves Storage Complexity By Launching Primera
by Daniel Newman | June 19, 2019

“Enterprises will no longer need to compromise between agility and reliability when it comes to their high-end storage environments according to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which today unveiled Primera, a new high-end storage array that’s essentially self-managing and uses AI techniques to deliver 100% reliability guaranteed.” Read more on that from Datanami.

HPE Solves Storage Complexity By Launching Primera

Analyst Take: As a bit of history, HPE has leaned hard into the storage space with multiple high profile acquisitions over the past several years including 3par, Nimble, and XP7.

These acquisitions have borrowed a subset of capabilities that has ultimately led to the 2019 HPE Discover announcement of Primera, which is set to become the company’s lead enterprise storage solution.

With the launch of Primera, HPE seeks to reduce two of the biggest challenges with storage, simplicity, and reliability. Up to this point, finding both in one storage solution has been difficult. In addition, the company is leveraging a massive set of use data from Nimble’s Infosight that has monitored quadrillions of storage, server, and network hours (and more) to understand the anomalies that lead to storage downtime.

The company has used that to build a product/service that they are claiming can deliver 100 percent uptime. The product will further leverage the Infosight to be mostly self-managing. This will be critical, as the predictive analytics that are able to detect potential issues early and then correct them will be a key to maintaining that 100% uptime promise.

HPE also made the claim that Primera is extremely easy to setup with a claim of “Rack to App” in just 20 minutes. This is a high level of efficiency for setting up any type of storage solution.

HPE is certainly making bold claims at HPE Discover 2019, but if they are able to execute and truly deliver on 100 percent uptime and then “Greenlake” the solution and offer it as a service, they are going to arguably have the most compelling storage solution in the marketplace. Having said that, 100 percent claims in IT are few and far between, so I believe this claim will be closely watched. HPE will need to be steadfast to deliver.

Worth noting: If customers do experience an outage with Primera, they will receive an outage credit worth up to 20 percent of the value that can be utilized for future upgrades and purchases, HPE says. To be eligible, they must have Infosight and be signed up for HPE Proactive Care or higher. I’m interested as to the 20 percent figure and how that is calculated….

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