HP | Poly Studio X Family: The Pursuit of Meeting All Needs
by Michael Diamond | March 28, 2023

The News: HP & Poly announced at Enterprise Connect this week that its entire family of Poly Studio X devices are now certified under the Works with Google Meet program that guarantees compatibility of video conferencing devices and peripherals with Google Meet. See the Press Release for more information.

HP | Poly Studio X Family: The Pursuit of Meeting All Needs

Analyst Take: At Enterprise Connect this week, HP & Poly announcing that its Poly Studio X devices are now certified under Works with Google Meet program, guaranteeing compatibility, is good news. The hybrid work reality that is our new normal today means that many solutions are needed to match each scenario — whether the customer is in a large boardroom, huddle room, at their desk, or in the field.

Due to the distributed nature of work teams, we continue to witness innovations across many technology segments that are in the pursuit of making the worker experience as dynamic and equitable as possible for all. Those advances are in personal computers (e.g., better cameras, security, etc.), collaboration applications (e.g., transcription, etc.), headsets (e.g., noise reduction, etc.), smartphones, wearable devices, and video conferencing gear, to name a few.

To address those needs of small-to-large conference rooms, HP | Poly announced that its HP Poly Studio X family of Android-based video bars are now certified for Google Meet, which I see as an important step forward. From a reseller partner perspective, this offers partners greater opportunities and flexibility to address the diverse needs of their customer base since many serve different vertical, sub-vertical and customer statuses. In fact, it is not uncommon for an organization to standardize on one vendor versus another for different reasons. One organization could be more budget conscious such as a non-profit institution or house-of-worship, another could be an organization with a larger IT budget where cost is less of an issue. Another organization’s IT staff may be trained or have certifications from a specific vendor. Thus, the ability for partners to have choice is an important move. I see the move to have the HP Poly Studio X family of Android-based video bars for Google Meet as an excellent choice and something that should help HP | Poly win further deals in the future.

The Poly X family of devices include the Poly Studio X30, Poly Studio X50, Poly Studio X70 and the TC8 and TC10 controllers whether you’re implementing the solution in a huddle room or larger conference room. The Poly X family of devices also comes with Poly DirectorAI that offers automatic camera framing modes, Poly NoiseBlockAI that filters out non-verbal noises such as loud trains, keyboard typing, etc. and Poly Acoustic Fence that shields calls from outside conversations.

Wrapping it up, the HP Poly Studio X family of Android-based video bars that are now certified under the Works with Google Meet program is an excellent opportunity for HP | Poly partners to continue offering solutions meeting the diverse needs of their customer base. Also, as we have mentioned on many occasions, it makes sense that the fusion of Poly’s devices with Hewlett-Packard’s robust portfolio of PCs and printers will allow the company to further entrench itself with partners and end-user organizations that desire solutions that they know will work well.

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