GitLab SaaS Arrives in the New GitLab Dedicated Platform
by Todd R. Weiss | December 5, 2022

The News: GitLab SaaS capabilities are now available from the DevSecOps vendor through GitLab Dedicated, an all-new, single-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. The GitLab Dedicated services, which are available on a limited basis as it ramps up, are designed to provide users with the benefits of a well-known DevSecOps platform that also integrates deeper oversight and broad controls to meet strict regulatory compliance requirements around the world. Read the full Press Release from the GitLab website.

GitLab SaaS Arrives in the New GitLab Dedicated Platform

Analyst Take: GitLab SaaS capabilities have arrived with GitLab Dedicated, delivering an easier, more precise and targeted way for busy DevSecOps teams to use GitLab’s development platform. GitLab Dedicated adds several huge upgrades to the company’s standard development platform services, giving dev teams critical and versatile extra security, control, and regulatory compliance capabilities that help assure that software projects will meet their strict design goals.

With these new SaaS and security capabilities, I believe that GitLab Dedicated is just what development teams have been looking for to streamline and better protect their critical business workflows, while leaving behind the significant chores of building and managing their own infrastructure.

Among the major benefits of GitLab Dedicated are increased deployment control to comply with needed regulatory requirements and the inclusion of a private connection between the customer network and GitLab’s proven DevSecOps platform, according to the company.

GitLab Dedicated will be especially welcomed by developers in highly regulated industries, including government agencies and financial institutions, because it includes and builds upon the extra security components that are needed to meet and maintain complex regulatory compliance requirements. In addition to using private connections and being managed and hosted by GitLab, the new single-tenant SaaS offering is region-based, keeping it close to its users for efficiency and additional security.

The first GitLab Dedicated users will deploy their SaaS services in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) region of their choice during the initial limited availability phase, but we expect that GitLab Dedicated will also be offered through additional cloud providers in the future.

GitLab SaaS services through GitLab Dedicated and the rest of its DevSecOps platform promise to enable development teams to shorten their development cycle times, lower their costs, provide much improved security, and increase their productivity compared to hosting the development platform on their own. These are incredibly important tools that will help developers make their code better.

The GitLab organization began in 2011 as an open source project to help a team of programmers collaborate, according to the company. But what GitLab has become is much more important as it grew and morphed into a broad and efficient development platform that helps developers deliver their business critical code with less hassle.

With GitLab Dedicated and its built-in SaaS flexibility and capabilities, it becomes easier for developers to get the critical services they need without having to assemble all the tools needed for code development on their own.

For development teams, that is what makes the GitLab Dedicated version so useful. Being able to use GitLab as a single-tenant SaaS service on Day One is huge. The benefits include giving developers the abilities to focus on data residency, isolation, and private networking in a delivery method that allows them to securely meet complex compliance needs.

The GitLab platform was built as an open source code repository and collaborative software development platform where developers can work together on DevOps and DevSecOps projects. GitLab includes built-in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps workflows and is available in versions ranging from a free community edition to paid enterprise editions for commercial organizations.

GitLab Dedicated Overview

GitLab’s SaaS delivery of these new capabilities through GitLab Dedicated is, I believe, a critical and convenient service that will directly fill serious needs that are being felt by many DevSecOps, DevOps, and other dev teams. By adopting GitLab Dedicated for its broad SaaS capabilities, developers will be empowered to follow a clear path to getting to their business critical work without having to assemble and maintain needed toolsets on their own, while also leaving the operation of the underlying infrastructure in the hands of their cloud services partners.

And that is what successful enterprises want – to have their developers creating valuable and secure new revenue-generating software – not wasting their time juggling infrastructure and resources.

The broad range of governmental regulatory compliance requirements seen around the world to ensure software privacy and security make GitLab Dedicated a valuable tool for enterprises to help them ensure their own compliance every day. This is an increasingly important market that is growing to directly meet the needs of dev teams and businesses around the world.

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