AWS re:invent 2022: AWS Moves the AI/ML Chains for Enterprise Customers with CodeWhisperer Upgrade
by Ron Westfall | December 2, 2022

The News: Amazon CodeWhisperer is designed to give AWS administrators the ability to enable CodeWhisperer for their organization with Single Sign-On authentication. Administrators can integrate CodeWhisperer with their existing workforce identity solutions, provide access to users and groups, and configure organization-wide settings. Read the AWS blog here.

AWS re:invent 2022: AWS Moves the AI/ML Chains for Enterprise Customers with CodeWhisperer Upgrade

Analyst Take: AWS is easing adoption of CodeWhisperer for AWS administrators while also enlarging programming language support for CodeWhisperer. In addition to Python, Java, and JavaScript, developers can now use CodeWhisperer to speed up development on their C# and TypeScript projects. AWS CodeWhisperer is available across prevalent integrated development environments such as AWS Cloud9, AWS Lambda, JetBrains, and Visual Studio Code as part of the AWS Toolkit.

From my viewpoint, CodeWhisperer’s use of ML-generated code recommendations are integral to boosting developer productivity and should serve to facilitate the acceleration of broader developer adoption. In addition, individual users who do not have AWS accounts can now use CodeWhisperer with their personal email using AWS Builder ID. The sign-up process takes only a few minutes and I believe most importantly, enables developers to begin using CodeWhisperer immediately without having to wade through a wait-list purgatory. Big bonus!

I see developers particularly benefiting in using CodeWhisperer to more efficiently generate code in building and training their ML models. Moreover, the ability to offload the writing of repetitive unit test code is a key part of the value prop here. Based on natural language comments, CodeWhisperer automatically recommends unit code that aligns with the developer’s implementation code.

Key Takeaways: AWS Moves the AI/ML Chains with CodeWhisperer Upgrade

From my perspective, the new Amazon CodeWhisperer upgrades aimed at easing administrator-led integration and expanding programming language support advances AWS’ strategic commitment to use AI/ML to improve business outcomes. This includes augmenting the developer experience, optimizing business processes, and accelerating innovation. I expect the latest move by AWS can broaden enterprise adoption of AI/ML-driven applications and the build-out of ML models by using AWS CodeWhisperer capabilities and ML services.

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