Pokemon Go: The World is Ready for Augmented Reality [Video]
by Daniel Newman | August 17, 2016
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It may appear that Pokémon Go! is just another craze that will come and go in a time where it seems like with every week comes the next big thing.

With 250 million purchases already made as a result of Pokémon Go! and over 11 million people who have connected the app to their mobile pay systems, the momentum is clearly there for this craze to continue on.

The ultimate fate of Pokémon Go! may be unknown, but what it has proven is that the market is ready for mixed reality and participative technologies where we can blend immersive experiences with real life.

Let’s consider why this is so important to people and businesses everywhere.

In this short video we discuss how Pokemon Go is a leading indicator of a world ready for digital transformation.

Photo Credit: Фото Москвы via Compfight cc

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