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Futurum Advantage

Futurum Advantage is specifically designed for innovation-driven business leaders who consume an average of two to four premium reports per month, and are looking to engage with our analysts at least once a month. Futurum Advantage is our most popular package with executives whose organizations are in their early to intermediate stages of digital transformation, and is designed to provide them with the just the right amount of intelligence and insights they need to make smart, forward-thinking decisions.
In addition to standard access to Futurum premium reports, behind-the-scenes insights into business technology news, and our very own industry research, Futurum Advantage members also enjoy:

  • Complementary access to 6 premium Futurum reports per quarter (2 per month)
  • Monthly analyst calls (45-60 minutes)
  • An additional 60 minutes of 1-1 Analyst inquiries per quarter
  • Purchase $2,599/month
    Purchase $25,999/year