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Futurum 360

Futurum 360 is our Platimum level membership. It is custom-designed for C-level executives who are comfortable leveraging market intelligence, in-depth analyst forecasts and real-world actionable insights to both inform and drive their organizations’ strategic initiatives.
Futurum 360 combines all of the benefits of ou
r Futurum Insights Community membership with a well-rounded and agile package of best-in-class advisory services that include:
Complimentary access to our entire library of premium reports**,
Monthly 360 Analyst Calls (60 minutes with one or more of our principal analysts), and
360 minutes (6 hrs) of 1-1 analyst inquiries per year

  • Pricing: $60,000/year
  • $5,000/month Requires 12 month contract
  • Purchase $2,599/month