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Join Our Team at Futurum Research

We currently have openings for analysts with a strong focus on Cloud, Infrastructure, AI/ML, Edge/IoT, Business Applications & Productivity, and Devices. Please read the job description below for details.

Analyst/Senior Analyst – Technology (Industry)

Focus Areas: We currently have openings for analysts with a strong focus on Cloud, Infrastructure, AI/ML, Edge/IoT, Business Applications & Productivity, and Devices

Job Description

Digital Transformation has become the core strategic initiative for every successful company in the world and has led to rapid growth for companies throughout the technology arena. And the opportunity to help shape its evolution has never been better. Futurum Research is looking to bring its unique advisory and communication capabilities to this market through an experienced Senior Analyst who can quickly establish her/himself as a trusted advisor for high tech organizations including semiconductors, infrastructure and service providers, software companies, their suppliers and partners.

Specifically, the Senior Analyst will:

  • Establish and build active engagements with Futurum Research customers, helping map out strategies, chart their route to market, position their products, and create the tools that can differentiate & drive demand
  • Attend and actively report on important industry events and announcements
  • Perform extensive and detailed research on clients, their direct and indirect competitors, and industry trends
  • Become a thought-leader in the high-tech space by publishing and speaking at external events
  • Work closely with other Futurum Research domain experts in software, servers/infrastructure, cloud, storage, mobile technology and networking to provide proactive advisory and sales support to Futurum Research clients and prospects.

The candidate should know the role of an industry analyst or have been one in their recent past. As important, they should possess the unique capacity to quickly synthesize emerging business trends and report them back in a forceful and compelling way to clients and the industry at large.

Desired Experience and Capabilities

The Senior Analyst at Futurum Research is a person with 10+ years of business experience in enterprise technology – in the enterprise services, OEM, or enterprise IT space. They are personally familiar with the High-Tech industry and key technology providers including, but not limited to AWS, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, SAS, Intel, Qualcomm and individuals/key executives who are shaping the high-tech industry.

Successful analysts at Futurum Research must:

  • Possess an entrepreneurial attitude and approach. This position requires strong business development skills, and offers unlimited revenue potential for the analyst
  • Work tirelessly and independently to build relationships and credibility across the industry
  • Possess superior writing and presentation skills, have a solid social network established, and be willing to interact on social media channels on a daily basis
  • Demonstrate strong collaboration, partnering, and influencing skills

About Futurum Research

Futurum is a technology, digital innovation, and market disruption-focused strategy and research and analyst firm. Every day, our analysts, researchers, and advisors help business leaders from around the world anticipate tectonic shifts in their industries and leverage disruptive innovation to either gain or maintain a competitive advantage in their markets.

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