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Visa’s Acquisition of Plaid is a $5.3Bn Bet on the Future of Finance

Shelly Kramer / January 17th, 2020

Microsoft’s Carbon Negative Commitment: A Big Commitment To The Future

Daniel Newman / January 16th, 2020

AWS Releases AutoGluon, an Innovative Open-Source Tooling for Automated Machine Learning

James Kobielus / January 16th, 2020

Why the Future of Data Analytics is Prescriptive Analytics

Daniel Newman / January 16th, 2020

5 Steps To Audit Your Digital Transformation Efforts

Daniel Newman / January 16th, 2020

Global wearable sales double YoY, women users lead the way

Olivier Blanchard / January 15th, 2020

IoT Cybersecurity Regulations Kick in With the Start of 2020

Sarah Wallace / January 15th, 2020

Google’s Appsheet Acquisition Moves The Needle, But Just a Bit

Daniel Newman / January 15th, 2020