Hit or Miss? Analyzing the Made by Google Launch [Video]
by Daniel Newman | October 5, 2016
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Yesterday, our favorite (mine at least) search engine company, Google, did a massive hardware launch as they sought to get more involved in the “Things” part of the Internet. While, this is certainly a play to control additional market share and acquire more user data, the bigger question was…

Can Google succeed in the Hardware Game?

And more specifically…

Can Google make a Phone that people will want to buy.

So I watched the launches, assessed the new products, analyzed the offerings and here is my take on the #MadeByGoogle Launch.

Google Home: This new intelligent home device will bring AI, Automation and Chatbot features into your home at an affordable price. Is it like the Amazon Echo? Yes! Amazon doesn’t have this market cornered and there is plenty of room for another player here. Apple will be in this market in a big way as well.

Buy It? Yes. I will have the Echo, Home and whatever Apple has all running in my house just to see which one wins my heart first.

Google WiFi: This one is a no-brainer as Google has been rolling out their fiber infrastructure. With nobody on the planet liking their cable company or ISP, people are clambering for an alternative and this works.

Buy It? Yes, pending availability in my area

Google Chromecast: For a mere 69 bucks, this device connects every TV to the streaming world. Great value and simple concept. Nothing too innovative here, but they have a market in everyone that isn’t an Apple TV fan.

Buy It? No, but I’m an Apple TV guy…and for everything else there is Netflix.

Google Daydream: I love the way their headset looks. At less than a hundred dollars it is affordable as well. The issue for me is that they are only going to have the headset work with their “Daydream” compatible devices. If that means only the Pixel then I’m out of luck because…

Buy It? Probably, depends if my secondary device, a Samsung S7 is compatible with their VR ecosystem.

Google Pixel: Nope, not gonna happen. I see absolutely no compelling value proposition that would move anyone off of their Apple device. Could they potentially grab some market share from other Android devices? Sure, I suppose that depending on what deal they work out with the carriers. However, to me this seems very me too and in order to make the device unique or compelling I feel like they would have to alienate too many people.

Buy It? Almost no chance whatsoever.

Overall 4/5 isn’t a bad launch day. However, I believe the phone was their biggest launch item and is the most likely product to fail in the market.

Like everything, time will tell, but I just do not see the phone working out. Nevertheless, I will be looking for Google WiFi as soon as it is available because I’ve never met a cable company that I’ve liked.

In this brief video, I discuss the launch more in depth.


photo credit: mark knol Google logo render – Mark Knol via photopin (license)

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