Futurum Research BSS-to-Cloud Journey Survey: How Operators Can Advance Their Journey – Futurum Tech Webcast
by Ron Westfall | May 18, 2021

In this episode of the Futurum Tech Webcast, my colleague Shelly Kramer and I engage in a drill-down conversation around moving BSS journeys to the cloud, and what are the key takeaways from our recently released research report The BSS-to-cloud journey: Powering innovation across the digital value chain. Our discussion examined:

  • Communications service providers (CSPs) are thoroughly committed to using a multi-cloud strategy in advancing their BSS-to-cloud journey to avoid vendor lock-in restrictions and attaining the agility to optimize their workloads according to evolving business and technical needs.
  • The distinct competitive benefits that each of the major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud/Red Hat, and VMware, can specifically offer CSPs.
  • Why the extension of the AWS/Ericsson partnership – with the announcement that AWS has certified Ericsson’s Telecom BSS on AWS – is a high impact development across the telco and digital ecosystem.
  • The top organizational, strategic, and technical considerations that CSPs must know about as they advance or initiate their cloud journey.
  • How innovations and capabilities, such as Infrastructure-as-a-Code and AI/ML engines, can play a vital role in powering cloud journeys.
  • In our survey, CSPs selected elastic deployments, microservices, and automation as their top three cloud design principles and how adhering to these principles can lock-in key financial, operational, and technological benefits.

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Disclaimer: The Futurum Tech Webcast is for information and entertainment purposes only. Over the course of this podcast, we may talk about companies that are publicly traded and we may even reference that fact and their equity share price, but please do not take anything that we say as a recommendation about what you should do with your investment dollars. We are not investment advisors and we do not ask that you treat us as such. 

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